Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stace Nelson and National IDs

Stace Nelson is driving the local blogging world a little crazy (or maybe it is that the local bloggers were already crazy).  Stace Nelson has recently come out a presented some issues and ideas that he has for South Dakota and the nation.  At times it seems that his positions seem to contradict what he is quoted as saying.  Take for example his stance on clean energy.  His position states:
We must expand ethanol, biodiesel, and wind electricity production in South Dakota which will not only help our environment, but will help free America from a forced dependency on foreign oil, and are sound business investments for South Dakota's future.
Then he quotes himself saying (in italics):
“My faith is in my fellow South Dakotans to evolve in our energy use, production, and conservation, not the creation of yet another wasteful federal government program.” 
Is he just hoping that people will move away from Keystone Pipe needed, coal polluting, and water poisoning types of energy, or does he support (non-cap-and-trade) programs that would support the clean energy industry?  It seems a bit disjointed and trying to have it both ways.

The thing that has a few of Dakota War College's respondents in an uproar seems to be an issue of whether Stace Nelson supports National ID cards.  If you read the self-quote, it would actually appear that he does:
“I am for tamper proof Social Security Identification cards bearing a photograph and fingerprint of the taxpayer. Until that happens nationally, I am for requiring all persons employed in South Dakota to have a valid South Dakota drivers license or ID. 
Social Security Cards are issued by the federal government and many people apply for their card and number soon after being born.  For there to be a "tamper proof Social Security Identification card with a photograph and fingerprint of the taxpayer," one would need to provide that information to a national database.  This would make this a National ID card.  This surprise me that he would call from a new method for the government to track you and one I am not sure that most South Dakotans would support a new government tool that could identify you and would guarantee that everyone's fingerprints are on file.

David Frum provides some justification that a National ID card would be a good thing.  On the other hand, Tea Party favorite Ron Paul is dead set against them.  I think this quote is confusing the issue that Stace really wanted to make:  He hates illegal immigration.  Hopefully he can get someone that will make sure his true message is sent out and not muddled or presented in a confusing way.

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