Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gant Wants You to Vote Unless You Are Native American

We all know that Jason Gant, Secretary of State, uses the office to play favorites for Republicans against Democrats running for office.  Now it seems that Gant and the Republicans want to make sure that Native Americans can't have access to vote.  
The South Dakota Board of Elections on Wednesday declined to endorse a proposal from an advocacy group that called for using federal funds to establish satellite voting centers in three predominantly Native American towns. 
Four Directions Inc. of Mission requested that the board endorse its plan to use money from the Help America Vote Act, which Congress passed after the contentious 2000 presidential election to modernize voting procedures and administration. The state has about $9 million remaining in HAVA funds, and for less than $50,000 an election, HAVA funds could be used to establish satellite voting centers in Wanblee, Eagle Butte and Fort Thompson.
The vote ended up being 4-3.  That means that Gant was the deciding vote. Not only did he fail at protecting the rights of South Dakota's registered voters, it seems he can't even run a meeting correctly.
Wednesday’s meeting, which took place over a teleconference, was cut short when an automated operator announced the teleconference was coming to an end. Board member Linda Lea Viken insisted that the meeting continue. 
“I’m asking you to extend the time so we can have a meaningful discussion,” she said.“Oh,” Gant replied, “I think we’re done.”
Jason Gant's smoke screen for his reason to not increase the chances of people voting:
At times, the meeting was contentious. 
Viken asked Gant that if the Election Assistance Commission gave its approval, would he agree to use HAVA funds for the satellite offices. Gant replied that it was a “hypothetical” question and declined to answer. 
Viken responded: “That’s not a hypothetical. I could make a decision today if I had the authority to do it.” 
This doesn't come as a shocker.  Jason Gant has always feared the native american vote.  When he first ran for the position he used fear to gain support:
Gant has been outspoken about the Democrats longtime cheating on Indian reservations, and needs some more money to keep him on top.
Unfortunately Gant seems to have all sort of trouble from being investigated, to calls for impeachment, to just plain bungling the running of the office.

 That guy has trouble running his own office, let alone handling a national piggy bank. As a high ranking State government employee told me recently,
 “There’s always some kind of problem or mess going on in that office. I just try to avoid hearing about it as much as possible.”
Besides the fact that Jason has no ethics, is an ALEC defender and will pretty much take money from the devil to help state candidates, he does a crappy job as a SOS. He had to hire Sue Roust to bail his ass out, and she didn’t come cheap, after him and Whopper Jr. got caught playing internet games. Unfortunately, AG Jackboots investigated them for something he knew they would be innocent of, stealing (financially) from the state. Everyone knows the only thing Jason is good at stealing is our voter freedoms. But who cares about ethics in Pierre? 

Remember people to get out and vote (if Gant will let you).  I suggest you might want to vote for anyone but Gant as SOS.

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