Friday, August 9, 2013

Does Sarah Palin Have Real Competition For Queen of Stupid Comments?

Sarah Palin recently spoke in Baltic sharing all of farming knowledge.  A lot of people look at her as a political genius.  I think Australia has found the next Sarah Palin for everyone to start admiring!

In a recent interview she calls Islam a country, believes that Jews follow Christ, and doesn't understand the difference between Kosher and Halal (food preparation for the different religions).

It seems that many people in Australia are calling her the new Sarah Palin.  
Stephanie Banister, dubbed as "Australia's Sarah Palin" for vying a spot in the Parliament of Australia has drawn online flak for giving surprisingly inaccurate facts about Islam....
Ms Banister's political party, One Nation, is a far-right Australian political party with plans of restricting immigration and abolishing multi-racialism, according to its Web site, which it claims to be "destroying Australian culture".
The interview of Ms. Banister can be compared to the infamous interview with Katie Couric and Sarah Palin in 2008 when Ms. Palin was the Republic candidate for the vice-presidency in the U.S. The real Ms Palin was unable to name a newspaper she told media she had read. One of her foreign policy credentials was about Alaska's close proximity to Russia. 

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