Saturday, August 10, 2013

South Dakota GOP Keeps Endorsing Obamacare

It seems that a lot of people keep asking the GOP what their plan is for overturning Obamacare, and more often than not, they keep saying they want something along the lines of Obamacare despite the fact that it is so evil!

Cory Heidelberger points to a Yankton editorial that the GOP lack any sort of viable plan that would provide an alternative to Obamacare.  The same is true for Republicans all over the nation as one strategist pointed out:
As one GOP strategist, who requested anonymity to speak candidly, suggested, the party needs to offer ideas explaining how to provide them insurance.   
“Our voters have real economic concerns, and part of those economic concerns is having reasonable and affordable health care,” the GOP source said. “Many of them think Obamacare isn’t the answer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to address those concerns.”
So what do your SD GOP have to offer?  David Montgomery with The Argus Leader responded to that question.  It seems that many of them like ideas already in Obamacare.

The first idea that many people support, including Senator Thune, and Candidate Rhoden want to let insurance companies sell across state lines.  That is known as the state compacts offered in Obamacare.
When they were writing the new health law, Democrats said they heard the GOP and they included a way to sell insurance across state boundaries. They put in language allowing states to establish "health care choice compacts."
Mike Rounds wants a new plan, but he doesn't want to give details.  I think that simply means that he can say he would keep all of the benefits people are already using (not allowing insurance companies to kick you out for pre-existing conditions, letting children stay on until the age of 26, etc.) without explaining how he would really change it.

Bosworth's response in confusing, but we know that she already likes the push for more technology and patient center focus (already part of Obamacare).  She also wants more transparency and a focus of spending on the patient and not other things.  We know that is already one of the big benefits of Obamacare in terms of insurance companies.

Whatever the SD GOP is worried about, I am sure that they want to do something soon.  You have about 90% of South Dakotans without insurance that would be able to get the tax credits to purchase insurance through the SD exchange.  That is 90% of 92,411 South Dakotans or 83, 169 people that may be able to get insurance.  Those people probably don't donate a lot to political campaigns, so I am sure the GOP isn't to worried about what they think.

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