Monday, August 26, 2013

Pat Powers Provides A Great Example of Irony

I was going to let this pass, but I just couldn't.  Pat Powers today is a bit thankful that a judge has ruled that bloggers are a modern form of journalists.
Secondly, the collective South Dakota Blogosphere can thank me once again for what they earned from my being a punching bag today. After leading the charge to defeat Noel Hamiel’s blog control act of 2010, they can thank me (and especially my attorney, Joel Arends) for another feather in their cap; judicial recognition by the honorable Judge Foley that at least in South Dakota “bloggers in their vein are journalists in the modern sense of the word.”
 So, how is that ironic?  Powers has spent some feuding time with Cory Heidelberger about some information that he received.  It seems that Powers would have to admit that Cory is a journalist.


  1. Thank Powers for what? He achieved nothing for us. He simply restated what Ken Santema, the State Legislature, and I have already established quite clearly: bloggers are journalists. Pat just happened to be the first blogger subpoenaed. And note that the judge said his "journalist" status doesn't change the subpoena or Powers's need to answer questions.

  2. II am only thankful for the brief moment of irony his bask in "ground breaking" actions takes when held up to all the nastiness slung at you a while back. Bloggers have been recognized by several courts as journalists. I also noticed he didn't spend too much time talking about his trip up to Madison and the courtroom.