Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kristi Noem Gets Ugly?

Kristi Noem has been promising and promising that the House would pass a Farm Bill.

JUNE 6, 2013
“I’m optimistic it will pass the House but we have challenges before us,” she said. 

MAY 17, 2013

Kristi Noem: House will pass farm bill

MAY 20, 2012
"I think we have a better chance at getting a good farm bill with solidly funded programs this year than we do putting an extension in place for a year and doing it next year because this is an election,"

She has also stated that because of the failures, she keeps feeling disappointed with the leadership.  You know, that guy that keeps coming to SIoux Falls and fundraising for her.

September 12, 2012
"What the leadership has told me is that they are not convinced that they have the votes to pass it," Noem said. "What I have told them is that I don't believe we'll ever truly know if we have the votes until we schedule it and have the vote." 

June 26, 2013
Noem, who once served in Republican leadership, took aim squarely at Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). She reminded him that he controls the House floor, and she drilled Cantor hard on his precise plans to mop up the mess, several Republicans who attended the meeting said.

"So you will forgive me when I won't hold my breath when she said:
"My leadership team has told me that it's going to happen, because I've been pretty ugly with them at different times," said Noem, a Republican.... "
Despite a divided, partisan 113th Congress and the farm bill's recent legislative difficulties, Noem predicted that compromise would not only be reached but would pass both houses.
I will give her credit for getting so vocal with her leadership after the last failure.  I just hope that this time, she can actually deliver on her promise.


  1. What did she do? Stomp her her foot and glare at Boehner? Threaten to hold her breath until they passed the farm bill? Throw a fit in the produce aisle at Walmart?

    I really hope South Dakota Dems or South Dakota Libertarians or South Dakota Marxists or South Dakota Constitutionalists or Catholics or Congregationalists or Greek Orthodox or that secular humanist group that's putting up billboards or some sane Republicans run somebody good against her. She should be on the top of every voter's "must never vote for again or ever" list