Friday, August 9, 2013

Jump Governor, JUMP!

I am pretty hard on Governor Daugaard (for good reason I believe), but I do believe that his partnership with the Madison DQ on Blizzard Day is fairly AWESOME!  David Montgomery posted today that Daugaard will "live" up to this promise:

Daugaard had promised to skydive if the Dairy Queen restaurant in Madison sold at least 32,000 Blizzard treats during its annual Miracle Treat Day.
In fact, the restaurant sold 38,412, a huge increase over last year’s 31,351. 
Sources say there’s no truth to the rumors that the extra 7,000 Blizzards were all purchased by Lt. Gov. Matt Michels. 
The skydive will be on Thursday, Aug. 15. 
Daugaard will be jumping along with Madison Dairy Queen owner DeLon Mork. 
The governor has never skydived before, though First Lady Linda Daugaard has. For safety, the jump will be a tandem skydive with an experienced parachutist.
So, for now I can only say, "Good job Madison DQ, and Geronimo Governor Daugaard."

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