Saturday, May 3, 2014

SD GOP, The Gift That Keeps on Giving...Discrimination

This week, two South Dakota made national news for their discrimination.  The week started with Senate candidate Annette Bosworth comparing people that receive food assistance with wild animals.  Then she has the audacity to play martyr and wonder why people are attacking her for what she said; blaming of course the liberal bias for something she posted.
Bosworth has tried to help harness the attention, both negative and positive, and use it to help her campaign. Thursday morning she posted multiple unrelated images along with the message, “More dishonest attacks from the left. We are being attacked by a far left wing group. Please help us get our message out by making a contribution today.”
She is of course now using this to try and increase her street conservative cred by claiming this is her burning issue that drove her to run:
Bosworth isn't backing down saying it’s the first time in this Republican primary that she's actually talking about an issue that led her to run for office. 
I thought she was worried about God and guns and that is what drove her to run.  I thought is was Obamacare that forced her to run.  I am pretty sure it was an ego that really drove her to run.  A supposed compassionate and caring doctor sees many of her patients as wild animals.  She sees our children suffering from a lack of food as wild animals, she sees many of our nations elderly as wild animals, and she is not alone.  Mike Rounds, Stace Nelson, or the GOP has not come out against this line of thinking.  

Then later in the week Representative Steve Hickey attempts to get a letter published about the dangers of anal sex in relation to gay sex and comes under fire for completely understandable reasons.  His letter is misinformed, mixed-up, and insensitive.  By trying to make sexual identification issues a disease that must be cured, and purged like a horrible horrible disease.  The medical community has been very clear on this matter.
Actually, American medical and psychological communities have spoken out vehemently and unequivocally in favor of gay and trans rights, again and again andagain and again and again and again and again. But these professionals’ unanimous endorsement of marriage equality and trans rights doesn’t convince Rep. Hickey, who knows in his heart that gender noncomforming stuff is just plain icky.
The Wire also shares the view of the American Psychology Association:
A bit of good news that might assuage Rep. Hickey's concerns: the doctors have already weighed in. In the words of the American Psychological Association, "being gay is just as healthy as being straight." The emotional distress that gay and transgender people experience is often a function of the societal pressure imposed by people like Steve Hickey. 
 While as sad and hurtful Mr. Hickey's comments are, we at least know where he stands.  Many of the GOP hold the same view, homosexuality is a disease that must be cured and wiped out.  There is no compassion or understanding of people that are different than they.  Remember that the South Dakota GOP party launched several bills to make discrimination of the LGBT community legal.  

We get it SD GOP, you don't like people that are not like you.  The message is clear.  If you are not an middle to upper class business owner that is straight, then your rights simply don't matter.  You are less than human.   

If you as a South Dakota Republican don't want this label put on you, then speak out against those in your party that would speak for you.


  1. Bosworth's comment about this being the first time she's talking about an issue that led her to run is just weird. As you point out, she's been talking about "issues" that led her to run from the beginning. I don't think she is listening to the words coming out of her mouth.

  2. I tried to engage Rep. Hickey on another blog about his beliefs, instead of answering questions like most representatives would, he got mad picked up his toys and went home. I wonder how the people in his district feel about his refusal to talk issues? How do they make informed decisions at the ballot box if he won't talk to them?