Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bosworth and Misogyny

Annette Bosworth had a successful press conference yesterday with her adults only rambling speech.  How was it successful you may ask.  She got exactly what she wanted: attention.  She has made national press in the newspapers and even television websites.  Everyone is talking about her.  It appears she prefers the old adage that there is no bad press.  So, on that level Bosworth's press conference was a great success.  However, if it was to draw real concern to the treatment of women, especially women in power, then it was a complete failure.  

The issue of treatment of women in our society is a real concern.  You can see real issues surrounding the treatment of women everyday when you look at it.  #YesAllWomen shows real problems of the treatment of women in our world. It is wrong for you to confuse reactions to statements that you make comparing human being to animals as "woman hate speech."  It is also wrong for you use the situation in Santa Barbra as a political platform about why you should be allowed break the law, over and over.  It is wrong for you to try and connect the violent and cruel oppression of women all over this world with people questioning your unethical behavior.  

Mrs. Bosworth, you achieved what you wanted: attention, but in doing so, you have trivialized a very real and serious issue.

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