Friday, May 23, 2014

Daugaard Creates Career and Tech Crisis and Then Campaign's on It

Daugaard would like us to forget that he once promised to make sure that education would get the first and last dollar in Pierre under his administration:
He says he wants to make sure public education is adequately funded ... saying schools should receive the first and last dollar each budget year.
Despite what he would like us to believe, he has decreased the amount education is funded in this state in his four years.  The Governor has a video on his website discussing his great accomplishment when it comes to education in this state.  "Hey, I gutted funding for education in this state, forcing many schools to cut career and technical programs.  So now I am going to find ways to reduce access by regionalizing it and then you can trust me not to do more damage."  Okay, so that is me reading between the lines.

At ten seconds into the video he talks about the poor plights of schools that "have struggled from budget constraints."  He then points out that they have had to cut "some of the electives."  He then lists some of the classes that schools had to cut: welding classes, ag classes, health classes.  (He forgot literature classes, speech and debate programs, increased class sizes for students.)

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!  Those extensive "budget constraints" were caused by his budget!  He is the one that has de-invested in education.  I am blessed to be in a district that offers great technical/career education programs which include agriculture, wood technical, art programs, health programs; along with some great teachers in foreign languages, math, chemistry, English, and social studies.  We made it through the cuts beat up, but thanks to some wonderful administrators and school board members we got through it but had to close an elementary school to do so.

Be honest with the people Governor.  You see students as a tool for your business friends, and beyond that you would rather not have to deal with "those" teacher people.

You will have to click on the link to see the ad.  I am having a difficult time posting it on here.

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