Friday, May 30, 2014

Annette's Having a "Debate" and You Are Not Welcome

Annette Bosworth has finally announced the when and where  and of her debate, but not the who.  Pat Powers received the announcement, but it is not posted on her Senate web page or on her Facebook pages.  

Dakota War College shares the Bosworth press release:

Sioux Falls, SD, May 30, 2014– The South Dakota Senate Candidate Forum location, time, and guidelines have been announced. The forum will take place today, May 30, 2014 at the Wegner Library at 1400 W. 22nd Street in Sioux Falls, SD. The forum will begin at 2pm and is only open to the candidates and their staff. 
The forum will adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Each candidate will have a one minute opening.
2. Each candidate will submit one issue to be discussed for two minutes by each candidate.
3. Each candidate will have a two minute closing.
Who is going to be there?  Is this going to be a party of two?  She did claim that she had one person that agreed to the debate.  Any others?

Also note that no press is allowed.  Probably no audience other than staff.  No real challenging questions.  Each candidate gets to submit one topic that will be talked for two minutes by each candidate.  TWO WHOLE MINUTES!  This will really provide for more in-depth background to the candidates.  

Bosworth is right when she says that debates are fundamental to democracy and Rounds (and Daugaard) is wrong to avoid debates.  The GOP loves to talk about the free market, but are afraid of the marketplace of ideas.  However, this commercial from an echo chamber will not expand the marketplace of ideas. 

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