Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daugaard Starts the Lies on Education Support

Daugaard is setting the stage to really start spreading the lies when it comes to education funding.  I knew that since this is an election year, the GOP and Daugaard would try to find something to give education.  Daugaard stayed true to form on trying to do as little to support increases in education funding with a 1.6% increase, and it wasn't until Joe Lowe came on the scene that he started pushing 3%.  Now that election time is under way, Daugaard's commercial is trying to tout how he has increased funding for education!

Fact check.  In 2010, when Daugaard came into office, spending per student was at $4,805.  In 2014-2015, the funding level was at $4,781.  That is not doing more for education; that is doing less.  Under Daugaard's watch as Governor, education funding has decreased.  Remember, he wanted the 2014-2015 level to be .36% lower than what the legislature actually passed.  

I will tell you what has increased; the rainy day fund.  In 2010, Mike Rounds left South Dakota sitting on over 100 million dollars:
The state's Budget Reserve Fund has a balance of $43,398,446, and the Property Tax Reduction Fund has a balance of $63,626,269. The combination of these two funds, totaling $107,024,715, represents a combined reserve of approximately 9.5 percent of total general fund spending for FY2010.
 During Daugaard's time of "investment" in education:

He said state government finished its 2013 budget year on June 30 with a lot more cash than was previously forecast. The $24.2 million surplus was transferred to the budget reserve account as required by state law.  And, consequently, the state’s two rainy-day accounts now are at a combined record high of $158,952,076.
That is an increase of over 51 million dollars.  So funding for education decreases and the saving account increases.  That is the opposite of investing.  I encourage Joe Lowe or Susan Wismer (whoever  wins the primary) to print out Daugaard's promises from 2010 and hold him accountable for every lie he placed in it.  Especially the blueprint for education.  (It appears that Daugaard has taken down his blue print from 2010.  All you get is an error message and that those promises don't exist.  Wow, that seems very appropriate if not sad.  I hope somebody printed out a hard copy of his "promises.")

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