Friday, May 16, 2014

Bosworth is Channeling Joan of Arc

A lot of people have made comparisons of this year's Senate candidates to different fictional characters.  We have had comparisons to the book/show Game of Thrones and Greek mythology.  Today, Dr. Annette Bosworth made it clear what real life historical figure she is channeling; Joan of Arc.  She has so many similar qualities of Joan of Arc.  She is a woman in a male dominated controlling and dominated world.  She professes to hear God speak to her and guide her on holy missions that may require the brandishing of weapons in her crusade.  She is taking on an almost impossible enemy.  

She also believes that she is being persecuted for her just cause.  If it is not Corey Heidelberger that she uses to justify her persecution complex, it must be the GOP establishment.  She has now shifted and named a new unjust persecutor (executor?); Attorney General Marty Jackley.  She held a press conference today to make it clear that she is simply a victim, and bravely facing her persecutors (although no questions, please).  

Bosworth said Jackley was investigating her for political reasons, accusing him of a "campaign against me" and trying to "derail my candidacy." 
"This sort of blatant election manipulation is an insult to the good people of South Dakota," Bosworth said at a news conference on the steps of the Minnehaha County Courthouse.
She has one more thing in common with Joan of Arc: people think she is crazy.  What are some other real historical figures that fit this years Senate candidates?

(Can you tell them apart?)

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  1. I'm rather certain Joan of Arc had a firmer grasp on reality.