Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WHAT A JOKE! (But more importantly, I joined the Twitterverse!)

I saw today that Kristi Noem would be holding a Twitter Town hall yesterday afternoon.  I thought, I always wanted to try the whole Twitter thing, so I actually got an account (@LarsonTizzle) and thought I would check it out.  Wow!  A whole lot of nothing, which I think is summing up Kristi's time in Washington.  There were a total of 15 tweets using the hashtag #AskKristi.  8 of them were questions (I posed two tweeted questions).  The questions ranged from GOP supporters asking about bringing justice to people in the IRS and if the Senate will take up the Student Loan issue or will Reid just block it, to Matt McGovern asking about support for the Shehaan-Portman bill, to a simple question with no real partisan bent to it all "What's the latest on Student Loans and Farm Bill?"

Kristi had a total of four posts during that time:

I'll be hosting a Twitter townhall today at 4pm EDT/3pm CDT. Use the hashtag to ask a question! Talk to you later today!


  1. Actually she made a bigger mistake than not answering. She answered as a response directly to each questioner. She should have included the tag #AskKristi on each reply so everyone could see her answers. That would have allowed anyone following the #AskKristi hashtag to see her standard non-answers.

  2. I saw that. She responded to three of the questions and ignored the rest.