Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh, the Plight of the Twins May Be as Sad as Democrats in SD.

With the leaving of Ben Nesselhuf as chairman of the SD Democratic Party and the fact no one has stepped up to run for Governor or House for the Democrats, things couldn't look bleaker.

Unless you are the Minnesota Twins.  With a team sitting 15 games below .500 and facing a third straight 90 loss season, people are wondering if it is time for Gardenhire to leave.  I have always loved Gardenhire, just like I always loved former manager TK, but even I am thinking that something needs to change.  A manager can only do so much.  Eventually the rest of the coaches need to step up and most importantly the rest of the day to day players need to take some control.  The Twins have a few star players in Joe Maurer and Josh Willingham (although he is on the DL).  They have a few young potential players, but it could be a a while before the young potential materializes.

I don't know if it is time to let Gardenhire go or give up on the Twins, but Twins manager Paul Molitor sounds a little interesting.

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