Monday, July 15, 2013

I Cannot Feel Sorry for Zimmerman

I will admit that I thought the jury in the Zimmerman trial would find him guilty of manslaughter.  I thought that the case was lacking in specific information, so I also thought a declaration of "not-guilty" could happen, but I was willing to put my money on manslaughter.  The decision must be accepted.  This is the way our system of justice works; however, I will not feel sorry for George Zimmerman.

After the announcement of the not guilty verdict, Zimmerman's lawyers came out with some remarks I found just wrong and insulting to a real concept of justice.  Don West came out and said, "I think the prosecution of George Zimmerman was disgraceful."  Mark O'Mara even claimed the if his client would have been black, "He never would have been charged with a crime."  Really?  I seventeen year-old boy is dead.

The facts are this:  Zimmerman was trained as a Neighborhood Watch leader and should not go after the questionable person that they are reporting.  He was told to stay in the car by the police.  He followed Trayvon and went after him.  If he would have followed procedure, none of this would have happened.  If he would not have been running around armed, none of this would have happened.

Mark O'Mara's comments are just sickening.  If George Zimmerman would have been black, he probably would have been held by the police and I am sure it would not have been 45 days before the prosecution would have picked up the case.  There would not have been a need for a social outcry, because it would not have been ignored.

So, I cannot feel sorry for George Zimmerman.  His actions were the cause that a 17 year-old young man is dead.  This was not "God's plan" as Zimmerman claimed, but I do know that God will be your final judge.

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