Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Promise Not To Lie (Sort Of)

It appears that South Dakotans are not always honest, but we are pretty, darn close.  The Rapid City Journal reported a pseudo-study by Honest Tea.

South Dakota clocked in at 36th on a state-by-state ranking of the "most honest" — at least when it comes to paying for drinks at an unmanned kiosk. 
The Honest Tea company provided the set-up as part of its National Honesty Index. The index was an unscientific way and promotional campaign to measure which state residents act the most honestly based on whether they decided to pay for the $1 beverages....
The experiment in South Dakota consisted of a tea stand that appeared on the corner at Main Street Square on July 12. Alongside a cash box, shelves of cool bottles of tea and fizz drinks sat unattended. Passers-by decided on their own whether to pay. 
South Dakota tied with four other states — Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico and North Carolina — at 90 percent. North Dakota came in at a 96 percent honest level. 
It turns out that the most dishonest place was Washington D.C. which came in at 80%.  I don't know if anyone would find that a shocker.

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