Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There Is Nothing to See Here (Part 2)

Today the GOAC decided to hold a hearing about EB-5 without doing any real work.  Susan Wismer, the only Democrat on the committee, tried to push the committee to take some kind of action to get down to what really happened.  The committee leader gaveled her down and would not let her continue to make the point that the legislature should actually do its job of oversight involving government funds.  

What I find interesting is that the only reason in my mind not to push harder for investigating into EB-5 is that there may be something they don't want people to find out about.  I am not actually saying that there is something that would derail Mike Rounds, Dennis Daugaard, or other GOP members, but the mere idea that something may pop up is reason enough to play the role of the rookie cop assigned to simply announce to the public, "Nothing to see here, move along."  

Today during the 100 Eyes broadcast on the Argus Leader, Patrick Lalley argues that the reason for not really investigating by the SD GOP is laziness and "inertia" in the GOP status quo.  

The problem is that there is clearly something to see, but many in the legislature refuse to do there job and challenge the executive branch.  They choose to simply follow marching orders.  

The South Dakota GOP allowed their new mouth piece Dick Wadhams to make a statement that everything is okay and Wismer is "bizarre" and should "stop playing politics."  In other words, belittle your opponent and make it clear that no one should even bother with investigating how lives in Aberdeen and other places were hurt thanks to Mike Rounds and Dennis Daugaard's use of funds and support of EB-5.

Susan Wismer released a press release pointing out that she doesn't believe that GOAC and the legislature should be shackled by Governor Daugaard when doing their job.  They should do their job!
“After the Government Operations & Audit Committee meeting today, I've come to believe that this committee is not faithfully executing the charge our legislature gave us under HCR 1010. The resolution gives us the right to seek additional information, yet we have sought no information outside the parameters dictated by the Daugaard administration,” said Rep. Wismer. (Via Madville Times)
It should not matter if the governor is a Democrat or a Republican when it comes to fighting corruption.  We can't afford to take the attitude of letting rookie cops protect our interests by telling us that there is nothing to see.

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