Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rick Weiland Goes Cruising

Every year the night before the Fourth of July, Lennox has a cruise night.  Simply an event in which people take their cars out and cruise around town.  This is an event that my boys (and this grown boy) loves.  We love seeing some of the old cars cruise around.  I get to reminisce about growing up in a small town and cruising for hours taking the Dell Rapids loop from one side of town to the other side of town jamming to Billy Joel, Billy Idol, and the B-52's.  This night was a little different as the Lennox Historical Society celebrated a historical marker dedicating Harvey House which is now the Lennox Area Museum.  My boys and I went to the dedication because they wanted to check out the museum.  (They enjoyed the music room and the military room the most.)  Also present this year for cruise night was US Senate Candidate Rick Weiland.  

This is one of the reasons that Weiland has a strong chance to win despite the fact that Rounds has more money and there are more registered GOP voters in the state.  He works incredibly hard.  This is something every candidate should do and something every single Democrat must do if they hope to win.  

I saw Rick speaking with dozens of people (well over a couple of hundred by nights end) and really talking with them.  Connecting on issues of politics, talking what's going on for the Fourth, and talking about life in towns like Lennox or Madison.  It was impressive to see someone really working for your vote.  Someone willing to do the walk and not assume that your vote can be bought.

Dedication of the Harvey House Historical Marker.

Rick pressing the flesh as he goes down Cruise Night

Rick Weiland posing with my two boys at the Lennox Area Museum

Rick Weiland taking some time to talk to my two young ones.

A few gratuitous car shots from cruise night.

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