Sunday, July 13, 2014

The SD GOP Will Be Impeaching Daugaard Soon

We all know that the South Dakota GOP is so focused on hating any executive that issues orders to alter or shape the way the laws operate that they have called for Obama's impeachment when designing the party platform.   I guess their hatred of executive orders will now be brought down upon Dennis Daugaard.  Daugaard has constantly flaunted the law time and time again in creating executive orders.  

Three times in 2012, Daugaard waived the law to allow the transportation of over-width livestock feed on our roads.  In 2013 he lifted the rules over propane haulers.  In 2012 he also issued an executive order to expand his economic council.  In 2011 he created a task force to lure trust companies to South Dakota by helping them hide money. In 2011 he also created a task force to form a Department of Tourism.  In 2014 he signed an executive order to release of some state financial information.  Most recently he has done another executive order in the face of GOP animosity asking his Bureau of Finance and Management to speculate the economic forecast an additional two years in the future.

(The thing that gets me about this latest executive order is that this is the same group that has trouble accurately predicting the economic outcome less than one year in the future, now he wants them to take on another two?)

If you have not been able to read the sarcasm in the above thinking, you should now I am not asking for an impeachment of Daugaard.  He has made several mistakes: continued support for NBP, Manpower, gutting education, and many, many more that Dems and Repubs could list.  This is why the South Dakota GOP and many other GOP members are looking silly.

When going to the polls the November, we need to ask ourselves if we want to have responsible and thinking people whose main concern is doing the work to improve the lives of the people that elected them, or are they going to play at political theater and continue to make moves to embarrass us all. 

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