Friday, July 18, 2014

Every English Teacher Should Have This Song

Weird Al Yankovic is a genius in my mind.  I love his comedy.  He is right on target with the issues of the day.  He is also releasing what he says will be his last true "album."  To celebrate the album, he has been releasing eight videos in eight days.  The song "Word Crimes" was the second video released and is based on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."  It is amazing and shows the importance of actually learning grammar rules to the texting generation.  Here it is for everyone to enjoy.


  1. I like the parody too, but it will work in the classroom for only a short time, The first time the young'uns start complaining the song is too old it will become just another boring example. I'm guessing we have two school years before that happens

  2. I plan on using it to kick off the year, every year. I don't care if the students find it boring. Every year I do a music review lesson with some of the top trending, school friendly songs; however, every year I always include Johnny Lang's "Red Light" because it is one of my favorite songs and most children have never heard the song before. It is one of my perks for the year.