Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mike Rounds Quotation of the Day (Fly-By Edition)

We know that Mike Rounds likes to spend most of his time flying to places outside of the South Dakota.  He has always loved to fly planes, especially the state's planes.  Here is the Mike Rounds quotation of him trying to explain why it is okay for him to spend over $700,000 from 2008-2010 while asking other agencies to make cut backs:
"I fly. I don't drive because there's not enough time in the day to get to the multiple locations I do," Rounds said. "You can't do it without an aircraft. You never would be able to get the job done."
It is impossible to drive around South Dakota to deal with the needs of South Dakotans?  It seems that Rick Weiland is doing just find in driving around and meeting with South Dakotans versus flying to Washington D.C. and Texas all the time.

This was also during a time the South Dakota schools had to start canceling travel and other agencies were forced to cut out travel at his request.  Mike didn't think that this should apply to him:
Rounds asked state agencies to limit travel costs in late 2008 after the recession dragged on state finances. He has flown less frequently since then, but said he hasn't made a concerted effort to cut back. Instead, he believes he has flown less because there have been fewer National Guard deployment and welcome-home ceremonies, and fewer companies have wanted to talk about expanding to South Dakota since the recession hit. (Emphasis is mine)
That is your hypocritical Senate candidate, Mike Rounds, for you. 

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