Friday, June 27, 2014

Dennis Daugaard Quotation of the Day (NBP Style)

Dennis Daugaard wants you to think he is a whiz when it comes to managing South Dakota money.  Maybe this little quotation about the doling out of millions of South Dakota taxpayer funds into Northern Beef Packer plant despite the fact he could see it struggling for a long time.  (Insert face into palm)
Gov. Dennis Daugaard said Friday he does not believe the state’s financial support for the now-defunct Northern Beef Packers plant in Aberdeen, S.D., was a mistake. 
I think that was the right decision,” Daugaard said. 
Northern Beef Packers, a beef-processing plant, opened in 2012 but closed after only a few months of business and declared bankruptcy. Daugaard, a Republican, said he was aware of the beef plant’s struggles even before he took office in 2011. 
That was something you could see coming for a long time,” Daugaard said.

Now that is some financial wisdom!

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