Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dennis Daugaard Quotation of the Day

You may remember this little gem of a quotation by Governor Daugaard declaring South Dakota voters ignorant and unable to handle complex issues like forcing a bad idea of merit pay on our schools:
But when you look at the next three issues on the back of the ballot, the governor's pleasure turns to disappointment. South Dakota voters rejected them by a vote of nearly two to one. 
"I think it showed a little voter fatigue on the ballot when you have that many measures, some with great complexity. It's bound to happen," Daugaard said. 
Daugaard believes the ballots were long and the issues too complex so by the time voters got to the back side of the ballot, they were in a hurry and the mood to vote "no." 
"The voters don't have time to dig into and understand the facts that bare upon an informed decision and so when voters don't have that time then most are included to say, 'Well, I don't have time to dig into this and so I'm going to vote no,'" Daugaard said. (Emphasis is mine, words are Dennis Daugaard's) 
I hope we can prove Daugaard wrong when it comes to voting this November.

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