Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Because I am a Populist

On the sixth of June, Rick Weiland made the #1 Trenders on social media according to the Ed Report on MSNBC.  During the interview, Ed asked several questions to Rounds to try and find out who exactly he was (since he doesn't seem to really understand the situation).  He became clear that he runs on expanding Medicare for all to join if they want.  He also tried to get Rick to defend Rounds label of "Liberal."  He asks, "Are you a liberal?  Do you run from that term or do you embrace it?"  Rick's answer was a great answer: "I am a Populist, Ed.  I always have been."  

The Democratic Party in South Dakota has got to fully embrace populism.  Make this the focus of our growth and get out to the people to help them grow.  I was happy as a student in Minnesota to be able to be a member of the DFL.  The slogan for this year's Democratic convention is "WE are South Dakota."  they explain in their e-mail blast leading up to the convention
While Republicans defend tax breaks for out of state corporations and education cuts for our kids, Democrats are united in the fight to reward all hard working South Dakotans with an honest wage, ensure South Dakotans have access to affordable healthcare, and to give our kids  education they need for a fair shot at the middle class.
I believe that Rick's style of Populism campaign is the Democrats best chance to win in November.  People must be placed before the interest of big business.  That is the biggest difference you will see between the two parties.  The GOP stands for defending business and the economic interests of the business and elite.  The Democrats must be clear that they stand for the people first.  If you are wavering on who support this year, ask yourself who talks about protecting big business first and who talks about supporting the middle and lower class.

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