Saturday, June 29, 2013

The 51st state Northern Colorado?

For years I can remember discussion if Puerto Rico would become the 51st state.  It turns out that it actually might be Colorado.  I group people from northern counties in Colorado are talking succeeding from the state and becoming the 51st state.  Worried about the Democratic leaning legislature passing bills like gun control, treatment of illegal immigrants, and legalization of marijuana the Conservatives in rural counties are running scared, but it seems like the requirement for additional renewable energy was the same for Colorado as the ending of slavery by the North was for Southern states.    

Like some others, Bushner wasn’t convinced that a statehood bid would be successful, even though Weld County Attorney Bruce Barker said that it was a fairly straightforward process — at least from a legal perspective.
The first step, he said, was for each county’s citizens to vote to officially exclude their county from the state of Colorado. Once those votes were conducted, counties that passed the secession measure — assuming they all shared a border — would ask voters from all of Colorado to amend the Colorado Constitution to remove their combined area from the state, and require that the state legislature submit a formal request that Congress recognize its 51st member.
If that statewide measure passes, and Congress agrees to enter it into the union, “North Colorado” — or whatever official name is eventually chosen — will be created.
Why is it that whenever the GOP conservatives claim that they don't like a bill that has been passed that they threaten to leave the country?  How is that being a proud American?

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