Thursday, June 27, 2013

Because I am a Father

I listened with anticipation today about the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage and equal treatment for GLBT.  I was happy to hear that the Supreme Court's ruling began the process of moving toward equality for people of all races and all sexual preferences.  Why?  Because I have several friends that are gay?  Because I have taught and teach many wonderful students that are gay?  Because I believe that bigotry must be fought on all levels?  Well, yes.  All those statements are true, but the real answer is because I am a father of two wonderful boys.

My boys are both at such a young age that issues of sexual preference have not emerged yet (although my oldest has had a few "girl friends" already.)  The reality is that I can't imagine not loving them if they told me that they were gay.  That they were attracted to another person of the same sex.  That is what being a father is supposed to be about.  Love your child with your whole heart no matter what the child does or is.  My oldest son has been diagnosed with ADHD.  That doesn't mean I love him any less.

You see, I don't want to live in a country that would treat my boys as inferior or less equal because they happen to be gay.  We have seen people begin to shift their thinking when a loved one comes out as being gay.  People like Dick Cheney and Rob Portmann have shifted their thinking.  Why did it wait until they were personally impacted?

I don't know my boys sexual preference, but it doesn't matter.  I will love them because I am their father and that is a love that all people should be able to experience.  I hope that all the states will allow same-sex marriage and I will support it in South Dakota because I am a father.

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