Friday, June 28, 2013

Chris Kluwe May Become My Hero

Today I was listening to MPR radio while on my way to pick up my renew our tags for our cars.  Chris Kluwe (former punter with the Minnesota Vikings and now with the Oakland Raiders) was on promoting his new book Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies on the Daily Circuit this afternoon.  He said two things that struck me in the 15 minutes that I listened to the interview.  He pointed out that the book had a running concept of the need rational empathy.  He explained that societies have failed because of their lack of empathy for those less fortunate and in the minority.  That has lead to the underclass to rise up and overthrow that society.  That is not a rational stance that any society would seek.  The only rational action is to use empathy with others and seek to secure their needs as if they were your own.  (I am majorly paraphrasing here.)  The idea sounds very similar to John Rawl's Veil of Ignorance.  It is not often that you hear that level of discussion from an NFL player.

The second thing he said was about his willingness to use swear words and foul language.  He said that he likes to use swear words and that society has gotten lazy when it comes to swearing.  Swearing can be very effective, but if you are just throwing around the "f" word and the "s"word then you are being lazy.

Mark Twain had a few great quotations on the matter.

"The idea that no gentleman ever swears is all wrong. He can swear and still be a gentleman if he does it in a nice and benevolent and affectionate way."
- Private and Public Morals speech, 1906

"Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer."
Mark Twain, a Biography

So, Chris Kluwe, thank you for your interesting ideas and making my day a little fuller.  

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