Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Comments From District 6 Coffee in Lennox

I am just getting back from the District 6 Coffee that was held in Lennox.  I would like to offer a few quick reflections.

First, I have mistakenly stated that Herman Otten and Ernie Otten were brothers.  I hang my head in shame for being so wrong.  I don't know if someone said that they were brothers or that I created the information in my head, but Herman and Ernie Otten are actually cousins.  That was an embarrassing mistake that I made and I need to do better at double checking my statements.

Second, where in the world was Isaac Latterell?  He was a no show at the talk in Lennox and it appears no one has any idea why.  I don't know if he made the one in Harrisburg, but I got the feeling he did not.

Third, I appreciate both Ottens (cousins, not brothers) for being there.  The talk lasted over an hour and half, and they listened and were attentive to the small audience's questions.

Fourth, I am getting more and more concerned about the state of funding for education.  It sounds like a 3% increase has support and both Ernie Otten and Herman Otten said that they support the increase of 3% or more if the money is there, but then they started talking about how the money might not be there.  That seems to be a normal song and dance of "we want to support education" and then it disappears until the Governor announces another 30 million to add to the state reserves that comes out of Pierre.  

Finally, a lot of issues were discussed ranging from meandering waters, school boundaries, education funding, medicaid expansion, net metering, and SDHSAA to name a few.  Both Ottens (Ernie and his cousin Herman) were very informative on the issues and in my opinion did not get sidetracked with speeches about political philosophy or other side tangents.  The Federal government did get brought up from time to time, but that was to be expected in our neck of the woods.

PS. Where was Isaac Latterell?

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