Monday, February 17, 2014

It Is Okay for Conservatives to Stand Against SB 128

SB 128 is schedule for a hearing tomorrow in Pierre.  I am sure that several conservative members are willing to support this bill on the grounds that they are "protecting" businesses, but in Kansas the state Senate is rejecting a very similar bill.  The reason why this anti-gay bill failed?  Is it because that conservative's realized that legalized discrimination is wrong?  Is it because several Senator's children came out and announced that they are gay and this bill would hurt their chances of happiness?  Nope.  It is because the business community told them not to do it.  As reported on MSNBC
The Kansas Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill. So did the Wichita Independent Business Association. And Kansas City Power and Light. And AT&T Kansas.
By Friday, Wagle, the state Senate president, conceded the bill “negatively impacts both small and large businesses.” And at that point, support among skeptical lawmakers simply collapsed.  
So SD Senators, if you can't support basic human rights at least support businesses.  I hope to see SB 128 go down in flames on Tuesday. 

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