Monday, September 2, 2013

South Dakota Democrats Raise the Wage Event in Sioux Falls

Today is Labor Day and what a better way to celebrate a day dedicated to those that work hard but get little respect from CEOs now a days by kicking off the drive to Raise the Wage.  I was able to attend the event in Sioux Falls with my son this afternoon and got a chance to hear from Zach Crago, Rick Weiland, and many others talk about the need to support an increase in the minimum wage to about 100 people at Elmwood Park in Sioux Falls in an event hosted by the Sioux Falls Trade and Labor Assembly.

Several individuals associated with the unions spoke throughout the afternoon.  The message was clear.  If you want to protect workers rights, you have to get off the couch and

Zach Crago spoke about the need to pass the increase to the minimum wage with an automatic adjustment to inflation increases.  He freelanced away from the microphone and stressed that today to many people are working hard, but not being respected for their hard work.

Frank Kloucek spoke to announce his support for Rick Weiland and about the need to a better balance in our economy today.  He also warned about the narrowing of control that exists over the food produced in this country.  The fact that a few corporations are controlling the vast majority of our food processors.

Rick Weiland closed out the event with a passionate stump speech connecting the need to take back the country from corporate interests and return it to the basic citizen.  He also read from today's Argus Leader that CEO pay has outpaced that of the basic worker in the top 500 companies by more than 300%.  He closed out the afternoon by breaking out the guitar and showing off his voice.

Here are some pictures from the event.  I apologize for the poor quality.  My other camera went on the fritz so I was forced to use my camera phone.

Rick Weiland breaks into song with "This Land Is Your Land" after giving his speech.

Zach Crago freestyles his speech away from the microphone to explain why we need to raise the minimum wage.

I did get some video footage from Weiland's speech and I am working on a way to get it off my phone and make sure that it sounds decent.

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