Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More on Tonight's Common Core Forum

I am back home from tonight's forum on the common core.  There was a lot of interesting information presented at the forum.  I was glad for Linda Ronstadt on Fresh Air on MPR as a sort of cleanser.  So much information I am not going to try and tackle it all in one shot.  I plan to break down what was discussed over the next few days.

One of the most contentious how the standards were presented to the legislature and the general public. Bolin jumped on this right away by making claims that the whole process was secretive and quiet.  He continued with the idea that somehow the common core standards were a shock to everyone.

Shane Vender Hart, a blogger and home school parent from Iowa got the first applause of the night when he stated that he was glad to see all the people there and wished that there would have been discussions like this before the push for Common Core.

Dr. Melmer pointed out that he took offense with the suggestion from Bolin that this was done in secret.  He pointed out that there were several reports about the process and that if you want a secret process, take a look at the legislative process and how they meet in caucus groups that are not open to anyone.  He also pointed out that 62% of people surveyed had never heard of the Common Core.

Phyllis Hieneman pointed out that the reason we don't allow standards to be part of the political process is that we want to keep politics out of it.  The only vote she has made is while on the State Board of Education.

Dr. Melody Schopp explains that the adoption of common core standards went through several steps that included teachers, principals and superintendents and was open to the general public for information on the web.

Mr. Ernie Otten pointed out that in his discussion with superintendents from his district (District 6: Lennox, Tea, and Harrisburg) that the state had not been "heavy handed" in implementing the standards.

One of the more interesting quotes on this topic were from Dr. Melmer who said, “There are too many people out there that have no interest in what goes on in education” 

Many different people encouraged the audience members to go to the school board to find out what was really happening in their district.  Sadly, when Betty Otten asked the audience how many of them planned to go to the next school board only a smattering of hands went up.  

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