Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick update of the SF CC meeting.

I just made it to the Common Core meeting in Sioux Falls.  The place is packed.  I get to sit on the second floor on the ground because there is no sitting room at all.  Here are a couple of quick highlights:

1. Jim Bolin is breaking out the idea that the Federal government is coming for your children.  DOOM! I tell you!  DOOM!

2. Phyllis Heineman is a supporter of the Common Core.  Points out that all the teachers and college people she talks to is super supportive of it and implementation is going to be the key.

3. Ernie Otten did some research and seems to be a bit supportive of the Common Core after talking to teachers.

4. Dr. Melody Schoop also cleared the air about how the standards were handled before implementation.

5. Dr. Melmer is a big fan of testing!  He liked it with NCLB and likes it now.  He is also a little angry with Bolin.

I apologize for any mispelled names.  I am try to collect information and process it out to you while sitting on a floor.

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