Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Steve King Belittles Those That Disagree

The Washington Post shares a video featuring Steve King and how he belittles two young DREAMERS that try to engage in discussion with him about his comments about the border crises and treatment of unauthorized immigrant children that have grown up in the United States.  A few of the remarks made by King include:
* "You're very good at English. You can understand the English language so don't act like you don't." 
* In response to Andiola saying her mother brought her to the U.S. illegally as a child : "You had nothing to do with that, right?"
* "I am really sorry you come from a lawless country. I hope that you can have a happy life." 
The article also points out that while King's words are shameful, it is the nonverbal communication that goes with it.  At one point he grabs her hands because he wanted to cut off the young lady to respond.  His tone is condescending, his gestures clearly show that he has zero time for her.  Even more entertaining is that Rand Paul literally runs away from the situation. 

Lederman has a major GOP crush on Steve King.  It is a pretty good guess about how Dan Lederman thinks about racial minorities in his district.  

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