Friday, August 1, 2014

SD GOP and Israel vs Palestine

The events in the Middle East are tragic.  No one would disagree with that statement.  The attacks from Hamas by using rockets on Israel territory and other acts of terror to try to fight back against what is perceived as control and violence against the Palestinian people.  I do think that Israel does have the right to try and protect itself from the attacks, but Israel must also be held accountable for the actions prior to the violence and bloodshed as well as the way it responds to violence against its people.

Kristi Noem released her stance on the issue showing some regret for the loss of innocent lives in Palestine, but all blame lies on Hamas:
Over the last few weeks, I have received a number of questions and comments from South Dakotans who are very concerned about the crisis in Gaza. I am too. And every time I turn on the television and see another young victim, my heart breaks for their families. Gaza is currently governed by Hamas, a terrorist organization whose objective is to wipe Israel off the map. Hamas’s use of children and innocent civilians as human shields is detestable and illegal under international law. The vicious nature of their actions has even silenced those who are typically quick to criticize Israel.
Mike Rounds wrote a position paper on the issue and stated:
The U. S. should stand with its ally Israel as it seeks to create secure borders and fight terrorism within them. The U.S. should assist in this process by supporting Israel and working in concert with both sides, but not independently. The U.S. is not in a position to pre-set timetables nor unreasonably require that Israel deal with countries that do not recognize their conditions or have pledged the destruction of Israel or its people. 
Steve Hickey wrote in the comment section:
Every political leader needs to stand up and denounce Hamas and the suffering they are bringing on the children of Gaza. Even when Israel isn’t defending themselves militarily – which is rare- , Hamas and Hezbollah use the thousands of truckloads of supplies given by Israel and they build tunnels for terrorists instead of houses for children. 
America needs to stand really strongly against terrorists like Hamas and broadcast how they use human shields and weaponize women and children, target civilians. Israel is a New Jersey size haven of democracy in a sea of hostile terrorist-led nations that hate us too. 
Hamas is not an organization that I will support and back up, but I also have to hold Israel responsible for the choices that they make in their responses.  To only blame Hamas is ignoring the moral responsibility of Israel.  While the people can support the idea of democracy for the reason to support Israel, we have to speak out when they are wrong.  When Israel bombs a UN school, they must be shamed and held accountable.
United Nations officials accused Israel of violating international law after artillery shells slammed into a school overflowing with evacuees Wednesday, an attack that Palestinian and U.N. officials said killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens as they slept. 
It was one of the worst mass-casualty incidents of the three-week war. The building was the sixth U.N. school in the Gaza Strip to be rocked by explosions during the conflict.
It would be better to condemn all of the violence.  Both sides are wrong and until they can begin to acknowledge that fact, we will hold back support from both sides.  No more weapons for Israel.  Only food and medical support for Palestine and will work with Europe to bring down pressure on Palestine. There are no easy answers.  There are no easy positions.  There should also be no blind support for one side or the other.

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  1. "we will hold back support from both sides. No more weapons for Israel." No way on earth republicans go for this, the party of war would like to get more involved, the US just shipped a huge amount of ammo to Israel. Protecting god and all you know.