Friday, October 4, 2013

Rick Weiland's Pledge We Can Live With

The GOP love their pledges.  "I pledge to bankrupt the government and do what ever Grover Norquist tells me to do on the budget."  "I pledge to make sure that people can't get health care if they have ever been sick or are not fortunate enough to be a hedge fund manager."  These type of pledges are bad for America because they prevent common sense thinking and are filled with empty rhetoric.  However, Rick Weiland offers a pledge that is good for all Americans:
"I hereby pledge that, if elected to represent the people of South Dakota, I will never vote to shut down their government, or to place their government in default, in order to force it to act, or to prevent it from acting, on unrelated issues." - Rick Weiland 
Our government has been shut down, and our nation literally threatened with default, by a handful of extremist Members of Congress willing to turn the lights out on democracy to destroy the Affordable Care Act. 
Every Federal candidate in America has an obligation to pledge to their voters that they will not join this extremist wrecking crew. 
I have done so and I am asking others to join me. 
Unless we put a stop to this "my way or the highway" mentality that excuses anything, even the willful harming of millions of American citizens, and of their country, our future as a great nation is in jeopardy. 
I hope you will join me by insisting that any person seeking your support take this pledge, and thereby promise to you that they will never vote to shut down our Democracy just because they did not get their way on some unrelated issue. 
It is shocking to me that every other candidate to replace Senator Tim Johnson, even former Governor Mike Rounds, has publicly stated that they support shutting down the government unless the Affordable Care Act is effectively repealed. 
That is not responsible governance. It is blackmail and it must be stopped.
If you need a clear difference between Rick and the GOP establishment, you now have one.  He is the only candidate that would have voted to prevent the shutdown.  We all know that Kristi voted for it while not getting around to vote for a Farm Bill for our nations farmers.  We also know that all the candidates vow to be Ted Cruz Lemmings and support a government shutdown.  So, if you want to a candidate that has enough sense not to support shutdown our government and damaging our economy, then your vote is easy: Rick Weiland is your candidate!

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