Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kristi Noem Makes Less Sense Than A Dan Rather Analogy

I have always enjoyed Dan Rather's interesting and home spun sayings, but at times he leaves me scratching my head.  A good example is "We used to say if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun."  While Dan Rather's interesting spin on a situation can leave you smiling, Kristi Noem's spin on logic leaves me a little ill.

After voting against ending the government shutdown and not having the government default on its debt despite pointing out that ranchers desperately need government support and funds, she tries to spin away from the vote.

Noem says she never supported shutting down the government and recently has voted to open government offices. Noem says her vote didn't represent her objection to ending the shutdown but it expressed her displeasure with putting the country further into debt. 
"The problem I had with the bill that we voted on last night was that it tied the debt ceiling to that bill and increased spending at a time when we should be looking at ways we can deal with our federal deficit," Noem said.
I guess that Noem is all about spending money but not pay the bills.  Did you notice that?  Maybe Kristi was channeling Dan Rather when he said, "What I say here won't manage much, nor should it."  Kristi is hoping that we will all forget that she has no real center and votes with the winds.  Kristi is against spending for long term recovery after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, but she thinks that a government agency should reopen despite her parties willingness to maintain a shutdown.  It turns out that people will remember what you do and say.  Like that despite that you claim you wanted the government open you voted several times to follow Ted Cruz and place a vote that you knew would keep government closed.

In the end Kristi should have listened Dan Rather when he offered this piece of advice, "Courage is being afraid, but going ahead anyhow."  

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