Monday, January 20, 2014

Isaac Latterell Ignores the Real Issues Facing District 6 and South Dakota

We all know that Isaac Latterell chooses to ignore the evidence that getting and keeping teachers in South Dakota is a serious problem.  It seems that his main driving force for serving District 6 is to take on the federal government.  

Mr. Latterell posts on his website about what he took from the State of the State address from Governor Daugaard.  To summarize he concludes that the economy is great, but we need to watch out what the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government is doing.

But there is another constraint that reality places on South Dakota, and rightly so: we can’t print money. Or to put it another way, diluting money–your money. Even the word used to describe the result (“inflation”) is deceptive, because it implies that the products and services are becoming more valuable, when in fact it’s your paycheck and your savings becoming less valuable. 
The primary beneficiaries of inflation are the Federal Reserve Banks. The Fed is a non-governmental organization of banks authorized by congress with no audit level oversight by anyone, including congress. That’s why inflation is referred to as the “hidden tax” which actually hurts the poor and lower income the most, and keeps them from achieving economic security. That’s why I co-sponsored a resolution this year calling for an audit of the Fed....
He continues about the evils of the Federal Reserve and leads into joining the Convention of States because that is what everyone in District 6 is worried about.

While I may not agree with Ernie Otten and Herman Otten on much in politics, at least they try to focus on some issues directly impacting the citizens that voted them to office.  Maybe Mr. Latterell should focus on trying to help Tea High School with more funding and ways to get out of stick buildings...
More space is badly needed, district officials said, because enrollment has steadily climbed and buildings are reaching capacity. Several “stick buildings,” which don’t have running water, are being used to manage growing class sizes. 
Maybe pushing for a resolution to get the needed funding for the Lewis and Clark water system.  How about better funding for our districts to help them with increasing costs of road construction, infrastructure development, and to fight crime.  I won't go into the working poor in his district that would benefit from expansion of Medicaid or all the people in our district connected with medical services and schools that would benefit from an increase in funding for education or healthcare.  

I hope Mr. Latterell can figure what really matters to District 6 and focus on that and not Tea Party issues.

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