Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paula Hawks is ALL IN against Noem

Paula Hawks has announced her candidacy for the US House against Kristi Noem.  I knew her back when she was coaching the West Central oral interp team.  She was teaching in the district at the time, teaching high school science.  You can check out her background at her website:  

The problem will be getting people to get excited for someone with a (D) behind her name.  She has some name recognition due to serving in the South Dakota legislature since 2012.  I think part of building her recognition will be pushing her experience out there.  She has a strong background in farming, so the ag sector is covered.  She has a background in education, the banking sector, and legislative experience.  This strong background will give her one leg up over Noem.  

The biggest advantage she has is that she is a person that will stand with her convictions and not change based on the political winds.  During her interview with Rick Knobe today on KSOO View Point University, Paula was asked if she was all in?  Her answer was that she was definitely ALL IN!

That is what it will take to bring Noem down.  Paula Hawks is a person that will stand up and fight against the special interests, be a strong independent thinker that is not tied to the party, and will bring a hard-working attitude to Washington, something that her opponent can't say.