Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slightly Humorous Thoughts on a Hot Summer Night

It is too hot to get all political today.  I will save that for tomorrow after I have had a chance to do a little research into something.  Reading the paper and some news sites, I came across a few things that made me chuckle.  It's that or I was in the beginnings of heat exhaustion, so I wanted to quick share them:

Funny #1 Marty Jackley is South Dakota's Drug Kingpin

In an article from today's Argus Leader, Steve Young's story about some of the issues being "worked out" between Marty and the Flandreau Sioux Tribe over the issue of growing and selling marijuana on reservation soil gave some insight how Marty is thinking of twisting federal policy to what ever it is he wants.  With the story, they showed a picture of Marty Jackley standing before a press conference of which I can only assume is his announcement of world-domination.   Picture was taken by Jay Pickhom:

Funny #2: GOP Treasurer is in a war on Christmas?

The Rapid City Journal ran with the headline: Treasurer is South Dakota's Santa Claus!  The article talks about how Rich Sattgast as SD Treasurer gets to try and return unclaimed property.  Sattgast himself does not claim that he is Santa Claus, which is good because Fox News probably would have been all over him like a person with food aid holding a lobster.  The story is a good reminder to check to see if you have any presents under the South Dakota Christmas tree.

Funny #3: Hillary Clinton Turns into a Wrangler

This afternoon in the hot car I caught some of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR.  They talked about the story involving Hillary Clinton, a parade, and rounding reporters up like cattle.  I think Hillary might be trying to pick up some West River votes in case the election is tight like 2008.  Here is an image from CNN:

Now it is time to do a little digging on Kristi Noem.

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