Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daugaard's Salary Should Be Set at $3,200 a Year

Daugaard likes to compare apples and oranges when it comes to education as an excuse to keep teacher pay so low.  It is only fair that he should live under the same logic.  When you compare Daugaard's performance in office with that of the Lennox mayor, it is clear that Daugaard is getting paid way too much money.

The salary for mayor in Lennox is $3,200 a year and $40 per special meeting.  Daugaard's salary is $98,000.  

Lennox has experienced less crime, has a lower unemployment rate, the local school's ACT test scores are slightly higher than the state average, the roads in the town are in about as good of shape as the roads around the state, and while we too have issues surrounding favoritism, the town of Lennox has never given tens of millions of dollars to recruit businesses to have them go belly up.

By all measurements, the Mayor of Lennox is doing much better than the Governor.  There is no reason to pay him this outrageous salary.  $3,200 should be more than enough to compensate him for the work he has done.

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